Written in the Stars

Gazing into the deep night sky, you marvel at the Infinite expanse above you. The vast Cosmic wonderland dares you to dream, while the signs of the Zodiac watch over you like old friends. Sometimes you wonder what else might be out there, and you feel blissfully content in your place in this universe. The Celestial exquisiteness is not for us to question, you know that everything happens for a reason, you could say it’s Written In The Stars.

A velvety blanket sprinkled with sparkles envelops the earth, and reminds you of your favourite mini dress, adorned with Crystal accents. The stars glisten and wink at you, bouncing their whimsical light off of your sequin blouse to create your own custom Constellation. You think about the party season ahead and all the outfits you might wear, a statement sleeve in midnight blue, or perhaps a patterned suit?

The nights are getting shorter but you’re ok with that - more time to admire the sublime beauty that lies above the Planet, that fills you with mystery and intrigue. The sky is clear and so is your mind. This might be your favourite time of year, there’s a hint of magic in the air, the Starlight really does make everything heavenly…

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