Windmill Songs

Somehow, somewhere, a slice of fantasy exists within reality. Rolling hills are ensconced in a Rainbow blanket of Flower Fields as far as the eye can see. Bunches of colourful Blossoms decorate the basket of your bicycle. Birds sing cheerfully as they soar through the powder blue Sky, a gentle breeze rustles through rows of perfectly synchronised stems to create the most exquisitely unique Windmill Song.

Sunshine illuminates the Spectrum of colour you adorn yourself with. Sequins sparkle in playful patterns, while exaggerated prints embody your joyful spirit, of course no look is complete without the perfect bow.

No stem is out of place, you stroll between a splendid scattering of Apricot and pink, plucking a picture perfect Tulip as you go. You marvel at the artistry of each Petal and wonder something so small could bring you so much joy.

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