The Simple Life

The first of the spring sun is peeking through the trees around the Meadow, and you feel winter melting away into Acres of a balmy golden glow. Breathing in the country air, you realise that nothing brings you greater pleasure than feeling so connected to the earth, you were never afraid of a little hard work, sometimes The Simple Life really is the best.

All of your new dresses are perfect for floating through the Orchard, gingham and ruffles are definitely on the agenda - but a dainty floral print will always have your heart. Bright pops of Buttercup yellow meet soft sage greens and pastels, and of course you have your trusty tweed two pieces in case there’s a chill in the Barn

This Season has produced a sensational Harvest, vegetables in every colour of the rainbow are scattered across the farmhouse kitchen, adding to its Rustic charm. You gaze out of the little window and smile at the fluffy brown cows in the Pasture, and notice the farm kitten sneaking into the stables. In a daydream you drizzle Honey over your freshly baked cake straight from the Aga - the perfect snack before venturing back out to the farm. Grab your wellies, the chicks are calling your name…

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