The Rodeo Rose

Hazy blue skies unfold across the Paddock as cotton wool clouds drift in and out of focus. You smile as you saunter, Saddle in hand towards a splendid Dappled grey. He grazes merrily, careful to avoid the Wild Roses that peak their velvety heads through the grass - a scene so blissful it takes your breath away.

Winter begins to melt into the start of spring - It’s the perfect season for a fresh start. Rich golden hues cascade into soft creamy tones, akin to your favourite Palomino. Ditsy floral jacquards have never gone out of style, but a trench coat is particularly essential this time of year.

Wind rushes through your hair as you Gallop across the Pasture. Flower heads that have just begun to Blossom whirl past you in a surge of colour. His Mane catches the sun like strands of golden rutile. Euphoric, you radiate joy - the purest form of beauty. You truly are The Rodeo Rose.

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