The Lunar Garden

You close your eyes and are transported to another reality. Cosmic Rays light up the sky, ethereal flower heads peaking up at them in jewel toned hues. Laying amongst the petals you bask in Moon Beams, trying to remember the last time you felt so blissful. Giant flowers bloom like clouds above you, The Lunar Garden really is out of this world.

Your senses come alive like a Super Nova at the thought of this season’s pieces. It’s time to wrap up in luxuriously tactile faux furs and tweed two pieces, not forgetting sparkling pearl embellishments. The temperature is dropping but an exquisite floral tapestry is alive and well on the garden floor, and in your wardrobe.

Celestial Comets criss cross through the stars above the Moonlight Meadow, your heart is so full of Wonder you could burst. Enchanting light beams billow across baby sand dunes as stardust twinkles through organza petals. Mesmerised, you never want to wake up from this otherworldly dream.

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