The Ivy Trail

As you take a stroll down to the garden wall you remember how extraordinary the garden used to be - back when you truly believed that everything was touched by magic. Once you climbed over The Ivy Trail you were transported to an enchanted woodland, a forgotten space, your very own secret to keep.

You cross the threshold and are greeted with a carpet of Wildflowers in soft pink, sage green and even a red or two, but your favourites were always the Bluebells. You trace their dainty flowers with your fingertips as you float down the unkempt path in your midi dress, adorned with its very own floral print.

A Glint of sun is peeking through the trees, dappling the floor with a soft golden hue - even the Brambles look magical in this light. A Deer darts past you on your way to the old Oak tree. You want to sit down under its shade, and think about how the season is changing.

It’s time to get out your collared blouses, some mini dresses and even a tweed co-ord or two - all of your favourite styles are coming back around, that’s one secret that you can’t keep.

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