Strawberry Court

It’s been a few years, but your memories of Strawberry Court are fresh in your mind as if the Tennis Championship was only yesterday.

You were sat Centre Court, amidst an array of smartly dress spectators in blues, greens, pinks, yellows and of course, tennis whites - some with oversized collars and lots with floral fabric, it is summer after all.

Grabbing yourself a traditional snack of strawberries and cream, you were extra careful not to get any down your Annual Heart Tiered Midi Dress, although, you remember wishing you’d worn your Strawberry Court Pleated Midi Dress - has there ever been a dress so apt?

Still relishing your strawberries and cream, the Game began and the Rally was in full swing - you were mesmerised from Racket to Racket, Bounce to Bounce, you knew this was going to be a tough Tournament.

As the day progressed, your eyes began to wander, you love tennis but you love fashion more, scouring the crowd, taking in everyone’s formal attire, you began planning next year’s outfit; A check tweed co-ord? Pleated midi dress? Perhaps a floral jacquard suit? The options were endless.

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