Seashell Shores

With every step you take, soft sand trickles around your feet. Waves dance against the shore creating the sweetest symphony, uncovering new treasures with every movement. Seashell Shores have always fascinated you - but you’re seeking something in particular, an Ocean Jewel so special you’d search the earth.

Inspired by the water, your new wardrobe is of course an explosion of Azure blues and greens, with ethereal injections of pearly Oyster. Delicate organza and cottons float with you as though they were carried by the Tide, but texture is top of your agenda, tactile tweeds and jacquards create a whole new world to delight your senses.

You’ve been searching for years but you relish the hunt - every day is an adventure, every discovery a prize. Sand Dollarsand Starfish are absolute keepsakes, exquisite works of art created by the shore. The ocean never scared you - the unexplored depths are simply a new wonderland to conquer. You know that one day the lost pearl will be yours.

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