Grandma's House

Stepping into Grandma's House is like stepping into another world. A treasure trove of Trinkets, each connected to a memory to Cherish. Nothing seems to match, yet everything somehow makes sense, a Scrapbook of an extraordinary life in one beautifully Familiar setting...

As you head up the stairs the smiling faces of family and friends look back at you from behind their Frames. The Vanity is adorned with yet more Keepsakes that haven’t changed since you were little. Each room is an eclectic explosion of prints and colours - reds, greens and pinks - of course no space is complete without a touch of florals or tweed.

Your favourite part of the house has always been the Crystal Ornaments. They catch the light of the sun streaming through the windows, their refractions dance on the patterned Wallpaper, which her cat Fritz takes great delight in chasing. You take a seat in your patterned maxi dress and admire your surroundings with an overwhelming Fondness. A bowl of Candies sits tempting you - Nothing has changed, but there’s always a new story to be told here.

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