Dancing Queens

When the lights go down there’s something magical in the air…

Music fills the air as you and your best friends whirl around the dance floor, Ladies Night is in full swing, and you are the Headline act. Everybody is singing along to the Melody as lights sparkle and bounce around the room. Tonight you are all Dancing Queens.

You feel best when adorned in metallic jacquards and statement sequins - you’re the life of the party, each new piece in your collection deserves an Encore. Soirée season has officially begun - no bow is too big, no silhouette too exaggerated, it’s time to let your inner Diva out.

An explosion of Glitz and glamour, this is your Wonderland. As you dance the night away to the sound of Disco, a sense of euphoria overcomes you. After all, there’s nothing quite like the call of a Glitterball

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