Curtain Call

Since you were young you dreamed of spotlights. The Barre became an extension of your body - Pointe shoes and Pirouettes were your second language. Every move you make is Enchanted. You dance in your dreams, everyday living your childhood Fantasy - that’s the dedication of the Prima Ballerina.

Pastel tulles and sequins create the most exquisitely feminine palette, while rich jewel toned velvets complement your jacquard sets. It’s the time of year to pull out your statement pieces. Crystal embellishments and ruffles are never too much, you cast a Spell on everyone you meet.

As you Twirl across the stage your body makes impossible leaps, they’ve never seen anything so full of Grace. You finish the Recital of a lifetime and the crowd erupts in applause. Deep breath, it’s time for your Curtain Call.

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